The best professionals for correctional settings.
Faster and easier than ever before.

We’ve developed a super smart, really simple solution for recruiters. We handle every single detail. There is zero extra work for you to do.

Finally, your healthcare recruiting is:

Extra Personal. Completely Professional. Totally Effective.

Your open jobs will be filled with the best candidates faster and less costly than ever before.
For healthcare recruiters, it is a dream come true.

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Who we are

Committed to Service Excellence

At TCGC, every client matters. We are fully dedicated to your success because excellence and empowerment are at the core of who we are.

I have been working with Gabriela and her team for many years! I know when I need it right and on time I go only to TCGC for that level of peace of mind.

Plus the element that not everyone can offer is their CREATIVE EXPERTISE to come up with the right solution for a project you may not know how to execute.

Thanks, Gracias, Obrigada for your commitment to helping my business stand apart from the crowd every time.

Sonia Prieto


Healthcare related clients since 2002

Gabriela shared true wisdom with me, from the very first moments of meeting, that has lead to magnificent benefits for my career and for my business outputs.

Without a doubt, one of the most sincere, enrichening and inspirational leaders I have encountered.

I would recommend working with Gabriela to the highest possible extent, it’s an absolute certainty that you will reach new levels of success together.


How it works?

Your Most-Effective Recruiting Solution in Five Steps.



Our company designs and prints top-quality letters-in-envelopes, or stunning postcards. We offer your specific open position to the exact pool of candidates in the precise geographical region you need.



We mail your perfectly-crafted letter, or postcard, to every qualified healthcare worker on your targeted list. Even better, we offer you even more healthcare professionals with our up-to-date lists.

Then we send optimally-written emails and text messages to increase engagement with top-candidates.



Candidates can show their interest in your open positions right away. There is no delay.

We include a unique QR code that they can simply scan with their mobile phone to instantly connect with you.



After scanning, top candidates are taken to your custom landing page.

They can immediately book an appointment with your recruitment team. All the information they enter will be sent directly to your recruiters and sync to their mailbox and calendars automatically.



AI-Powered Candidate Relationship Building. Coming soon from TCGC. You will know exactly when the best candidates are looking for your positions.

It’s exciting pre-recruiting excellence at a whole new level.


Reviews and ratings


I have worked closely with Gabriela on a number of projects together. She is insightful, creative and a true partner. I would highly recommend her for her expertise.

Maurice Dubuc

Best in the biz…so helpful and always responsive.

Victor Gonzalez

I absolutely LOVE working with Gabriela. She is an exceptional businesswoman, her services and products are absolutely wonderful! I love her staff and have enjoyed working on projects with her for over ten years. I highly recommend.

Tamara Chase Roofing


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